Comuna intergalática


  • Graphic design.
  • Creative coding.
  • Editorial design.

Comuna Intergaláctica – A Festival of Space Art and Science. There were nine days of lectures, debates, laboratories, artistic residencies, workshops, celestial observation, art exhibition, fulldome projections, performance, rituals, celebrations among other things. The theme was TERRACOSM, which is the junction of Terran perspectivism with the cosmist imagery. The Festival celebrated the Spring Equinox! And launched the magazine on the theme of Space Art and Science – EXTREMOPHILIA. I worked on the visual identity project and created a series of images composed by recursive fractal algorithms, implemented in p5.js, these images formed the basis of all graphic and digital material of the event.

︎︎︎ P5.js
︎︎︎ Adobe Illustrator
︎︎︎ Adobe Indesign